Mid-Island Allowed Meeting

a member of Vancouver Island Monthly Meeting

Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

Mid-Island Allowed Meeting (MIAM) straddles a large area from South Wellington to the south, Port Alberni to the west, and Qualicum Bay to the north. We are a worship group which is growing and learning about Quaker process and gradually taking on more responsibility for our own business as well as contributing to the bi-monthly meetings of Vancouver Island MM.

"For me, living experimentally has to do with recognizing and honouring our individuality. Which doesn't mean being different as a protest although there's something to that too. I like to see myuself as the combination of a long series of interweaving human stories and a Divine creative spark. From this we begin to create ourselves, our lives.... In our relating to others we find that same creative spark that fires our (own) Inward Light."

We meet for Worship twice a month, on the second Sunday and the last Sunday of each Month. Our second Sunday meeting takes place at Bethlehem Retreat Centre on Arbott Road, in Nanaimo. After meeting we often stay to visit together or pursue a discussion. Our last Sunday meeting rotates through the homes of the members of the meeting and is followed by a pot luck lunch and informal fellowship time. From time to time, on an ad hoc basis, we hold Meeting for Worship on one of the unscheduled Sundays when someone feels led to have more worship time and invites us to join them.

Meetings start at 10:30 a.m. while we are in Daylight Savings Time, and at 11:00 during the winter season when there is less light. There are also several Meetings for Worship for Business (MFWFB) through the year, which are called when there is a body of business to be attended to. Members of MIAM also attend the Meetings for Worship for business for Vancouver Island Monthly Meeting if they wish to participate in the work of the larger group or learn more about the Friend's business process.

We welcome visitors to all of our meetings. Anyone who is interested in attending a Quaker meeting for Worship, or wishes to explore some facet of our practise is invited to join us. Please contact us by email or by phone for more information on how to find us, or to receive introductory material about Friends. We can be reached by phone at 250 752-3161 (in Parksville/Qualicum/Nanaimo) or by email at vancouverisland-midisland at quaker.ca.